Stone Stories

Each Stone and crystal has its own spirit. I am able to communicate with each crystal and stone to receive information. It's Name, why it is here, how it can help you and any question you may have. Each stone is different and has a purpose being with you!

Below I have hand wrapped each crystal and channeled its message. I always suggest being drawn to the stone first then reading the message.

If you have questions about your own Stones or crystals we can set up a reading for them to be answered!


Name: Mars    Reiki Infused Channeled Stone

Your light is so bright that you can change lives just by passing them. Believe and how bright you are. Don't allow this world to make you think otherwise. But allowing your true self to shine, the dark thoughts start to dissipate, Your Inner Light can overcome any thought or experience that comes your way. As you wear me, you will become even more vibrant with love and light. Only think positive thoughts so I can enhance your manifestation tenfold. You will notice over time the everything will come easier to you and more love will flow into your life.


Name: Gwen    Reiki Infused Channeled Stone

I know that it can be hard to be patient in this world of hustle. Take your time-just because others move fast does not mean that you should do so too. Keep calm and think about what makes you happy. Stop concerning yourself with others issues. It is important that you find yourself. You are doing pointless activities that use up valuable time and are not helping you in any other way other than keeping you distracted. You are very powerful, but you need to focus on yourself and enhance your gifts. I am here to help you so don't ever hesitate to ask.


Name: Ty    Reiki Infused Channeled Stone

I have seen many Souls on this Earth searching for answers that they may never find because they are too busy searching instead of asking. Start asking your higher self for the answers to your questions instead of continually searching and spending time on something you don't have to. If you can't hear your higher self, stay calm, relax and listen. If you cannot hear it still, start to meditate and listen to your inner self for the answer. You will grow stronger at this if you continue to meditate and listen to your inner self it will be natural.


Name: Sandra    Reiki Infused Channeled Stone

Om om om. You need om in your life! You are seeing more negativity happening around you because you're not dealing with cleansing that negativity out of your life. Once something negative starts to happen, think about the situation and what lesson you think you are supposed to be learning from this experience. As you continue to ignore each situation, they will increase in the negative outcomes. You are creating your own world. The beauty in who you are and who you want to become will increase in such a positive way for you as you focus on this cleansing! I am here to help you in any way possible. Just ask me for help.